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Back in the old day when I didn’t have this blog I used to envy those who did and could take part in blog challenges. Several people have said my latest Team Teaching post would deserve a blog challenge. Also, Tyson Seburn said recently I should do a blog challenge:

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’ll answer the four questions my colleagues answered in the previous post. I’ll give it a hashtag #teamteaching #blogchallenge and I’ll invite you to do the same. If you write anything, please ping back to my post, or tag me on Twitter or on Facebook. Let’s see if we get at least ten bloggers to take part.

Q1: What are some of the benefits of team teaching?

For me it always was learning from my colleagues, having more fun together, and sharing whatever we had to face in class. Teaching can be a pretty lonesome job and having a colleague is uplifting.

Q2: What are some of the drawbacks?

When the “team” part of the concept is dropped. I’ve worked with teachers who said: “I’ll do the even units, you do the odd ones,” and I never heard from them till the final testing. It was no fun.

Q3: Any stories?

We had a whale of a time when Klára and I and a few other girls taught Czech intensive summer courses for the University of Pittsburgh. There would be a group of young American students, who were always awfully nice, friendly and eager to learn. I’m still in touch with most of them. Usually, there were two groups by level, each taught by one of us and the teachers would rotate. However, on Fridays we would put the two groups together and share the class as teachers. I remember we did a pub quiz on Czech culture, in Czech, of course (that was fun) and then the students would do a pub quiz for us teachers on American culture&civilisation. I always ended up losing (not fun!). One time we did drama – based on a Czech fairy tale movie (specifically, Lotrando a Zubejda) and that was just hilarious. So yeah, these are my fondest memories.

Q4: Anything else?

Not right now, but if I think of something, I’ll add it later.

And now, off to you! #teamteaching #blogchallenge


5 thoughts on “Team Teaching – Blog Challenge

  1. Tyson Seburn

    Ahhh, so now I know the topic of your blog challenge. I can honestly say I have never done this type of team teaching or I’d share what I had experienced. For years I have shared the same students with different colleagues who taught them on different days, but they taught entirely different courses to mine, so not exactly the same definition as you describe. We get together informally and formally to discuss the shared students in our classes, but never a continuous flow from my content to theirs to mine, per se.

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  2. Thanks for responding anyway, Tyson. I believe collaborative teaching has many faces. I hope to hear lots of different stories in this challenge. Cheers!


  3. Q1: What are some of the benefits of team teaching?
    1. Sharing success, fun, joy, disappointment… just everything. Sharing is double joy and half of failure. 2. Personal development of the teacher, I can learn from my colleagues but also cultivate my sense for patience and cooperation, strengthen my courage to teach „visibly“ etc.

    Q2: What are some of the drawbacks?
    When your colleagues-team partners do not cooperate (they show you it is much above the standard – and the standard is… yes: a book and exercises). It´s not possible to change them when they do not want to. Unfortunately that is my experience from team teaching. But your approach can still be cooperating – with your students! They appreciate it. That´s my experience, too 😊

    Q3: Any stories?
    Better not…

    Q4: Anything else?
    Yes! I asked a new colleague to teach with me this year. That was the first time I could choose her/him by myself and she said… yes! My motivation and expectation are high. We start in September and even now I can see big progress in preparation of the course and will to share, cooperate on the both sides. I let you know… 😊

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  4. Hi Jitka, thanks so much for your thoughtful responsed! It is great truth that you cannot change anybody if they don’t want to. I hope your cooperation with a new colleague is fruitful! It is, as far as I know, the first copperation in the freelance world. K.

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