EFL Resources

This is a list of mostly non-mainstream resources that I use with my classes. Most of the resources cost up to 10 USD and if more, they are worth the cost. I tend to use materials published by small, independent publishers.

Please note I am not getting paid for promoting them nor do I have any agreement with the owners of these sites.

Work in progress – I shall be adding more links to the list.

If you know any yummy mats, let everyone know in the comments!

Books and e-books:

Pete Clements&Richard Mccully: 30 Roleplays for TEFL– A delightful, three-dollar book full of imaginative roleplays for the rainy day. Huge success with my learners of Czech (I adapted the language).

Fortune and Adrift series by Chasing Time English – my latest find that has become so very popular with my students. A crime story format and the videos, along with very generous pricing make for a great supplement to your lessons. Honestly, I wish all publishers were that reasonable about prices, unlimited downloads and awesome content. Looking forward to more series.

Paul Walsh: At Work – a one-dollar book that will give you many ideas for BE lesson plans. I usually rewrite the instructions in ppt and reuse with different classes.

Patrice Palmer: Successful Group Work – some useful activities to help your students work in teams. I use it with my 25-30 Ss English university class

Taylor Sapp: Stories Without End – a collection of well-written unfinished stories for your students to finish as creative writing exercise.

Rob Whyte: Teach Essential Writing Skills – A collection of photocopiable writing activities. Check out the blog, too: http://www.eslwriting.org/

Jungle Listening (free) – excellent for pronunciation and listening to fast speech.

Online tools:

ESL Library (paid) – a huge collection of materials you can print out and share with your students

Textivate – (paid) – a tool which instantly creates all sorts of exercises from any text you enter.

Random.org –  (free) randomizes lists, instantly generates dates, clock times and numbers to practise with students (essential for teaching Czech because all these need lots and lots of revision)

Dreamreader – (free) a collection of simple, interesting texts with an audioversion

Tube Quizard (free) – to practise bottom-up listening – excellent resource by Olya Sergeeva 

Pobble 365 (free) – a visual for every day with a creative writing prompt

Marc’s Get Great English Resource page (free) – lots of good resources, mainly TBLT or listening/pron focused

Paul Walsh’s Decentralised Teaching and Learning (free) – free lesson plans for Business English

NG Life Communicative Worksheets: (free) – ok, large publisher, but these are free to download, usually picture stories etc. I don’t usually follow the instructions but use them creatively as presentation prompts, for storytelling or picture description. Some of their business writing worksheets are ok, too, but a bit dry for my taste.

Graded readers:

Perfect to create a thread between lessons. My students love a “book club”. If I can, I have each student read a book.

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