What’s the Question?

Can you hear the silence? Do your learners ask you questions in class when they want to know something? They do, really? Until recently I thought mine certainly did. But last week a student confessed after class, in Czech, that at the start of the lesson she’d wanted to ask me about the health of …

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More Notes on Creating Syllabi in Small Courses

I’m really into thinking about complex, sound course syllabi for my private courses. Besides my other hobby, writing worksheets for my classes and forcing my colleagues to try them out, thinking about “what we’ll learn” on a course is fascinating. That is to say, I’m not so much into collecting activities and whenever you ask …

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A Listicle!

I learnt two words from Matthew Noble: the word “listicle”, which had been completely new to me, and “life circumstances”, which is not new but is just the expression I needed. It’s Saturday evening, our place is quiet and I am back to blogging while giving up on watching a film with the rest of …

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