My “TD success story(ies)”

(This post was written as part of the TDSIG Web Carnival  #tdsigcarnival)

The theme of this year’s TDSIG web carnival is “TD success stories” and I’ve been invited to participate by Matthew Noble. This is my contribution to the call for blogposts on the topic.

At very first, I felt fairly uneasy about the invitation. I don’t have any stories, I thought. I’m not involved in teacher training like Matthew. We don’t have brown bag meetings at work like Anthony. I work hard, but is there any real achievement?

Then I found out other contributors are posting one-minute videos and I became encouraged by the short format. I’m not a video person but I am a huge fan of lists. Here we go, my lucky seven:

  1. In spite of not being part of any official developmental program at my workplace, I am (hopefully) managing to keep up with trends and maintain a high professional level of my teaching.
  2. For all the time since last September, I have been in control of my class notes and admin stuff.
  3. I have finally found balance between being a friend of my students and being a teacher.
  4. I’ve become more confident in sharing my work online and recently I’ve even made contact with other teachers in the Czech Republic.
  5. I started learning Chinese and enjoy the reflection of being a language student.
  6. After seeing my work, my boss entrusted with with designing an English course at my institution.
  7. I do my best at being polite, friendly and generous to my colleagues at work and freelancing friends. Even though we don’t have a sharing materials policy, I share share share in the hope of slowly changing the old ways.

Writing this was an interesting experience. It is the first blog challenge I’ve ever taken part in! My list of non-success stories would be a mile-long, but that isn’t the point and I can see that now. Thank you for asking me to join in!


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