I was going to write a completely different post today. But as we all know, man proposes, but the God disposes. It is with a sad and heavy heart that I heard of the passing of Glenys Hanson, a wonderful person, teacher and a beloved member of our online ELT community.

I got in touch with Glenys soon after I joined Twitter and found her blog, which I loved. I tried out some of her ideas and we exchanged some comments. We stayed in touch and later she addressed me personally and offered to show me how she teaches the Silent Way. She suggested she teaches me English, but I had an idea to try a Welsh lesson. She agreed, although she had never tried teaching Welsh the Silent Way.

It was an amazing lesson.

I don’t remember any Welsh words, but I remember how the demo influenced my teaching. Sadly, I still owe her a Silent Way Czech lesson.

Glenys was smart, knowledgeable, she liked to argue with us and she stirred our lazy minds, but there was kindness in everything she did and wrote. She was a friend insofar as people who never met can be friends.

Thank you, Glenys, and rest peacefully.


4 thoughts on “Glenys

  1. geoffjordan

    Sad news indeed. Thanks for your tribute to her Kamila. I never met Glenys, but we had some lively exchanges on blogs. She was all the things you say. She was funny, bright, independently-minded, critical, obviously a great teacher, and above all a charmimg, lovely woman. I’ll miss her.

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